The Team at ATC

The Team at ATC

With a combined experience of well over 100 years in the Audio Visual industry, the team at ATC has a variety of skill sets that allows for the development of many unique and specialised audio visual products.

ATC clearly understands the key to the best outcome for any client is how a user interacts with the system. ATC has the resources to design simple, effective user interfaces and combines this with the ability to develop the back-end software to deliver those results. The knowledge-base within the ATC team cannot be understated with many of our members being among the first AV programmers in Australia. This knowledge base combined with current programming techniques provides the platform for ATC to deliver the most holistic and effective approach to delivering projects.

With two main offices in Sydney and Melbourne we ensure that there are always capable staff available to help our customers. ATC works with integrators as a technology partner and will do projects anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. We bring a passionate and knowledgeable team to any product allowing for us to ensure your needs are met. A clear and concise internal scheme allows for any member to complete any project that has been in progress, so as a valued client you can always be certain that your needs will be met.

Keith Austen

Keith has worked within the AV industry for over 20 years and has a vast knowledge of AVT and Audio Visual. He is part of an exciting team producing high end programming solutions with a “holistic” approach.

John Turner

John has over 15 years of experience working in the AV industry. It is John’s company ‘Theatre Technology’ that eventually evolved into At Controls. John thinks outside the box and specialises in finding unique and practical solutions that may not be obvious.

Matthew Taylor

Matthew ‘Mush’ Taylor has been involved with all facets of AVT since AVT first landed in Australia. His knowledge is second to none, having provided both residential and commercial products to satisfied clients for over 37 years. His expertise has been refined and amplified since his first foray in audio visual products as an apprentice in 1982. He began to program AMX control systems in 1992, before completed a certificate in electronics and communications shortly thereafter. Before joining AT Controls; Matthew used his skills to begin his own business “Mush Programs” and climb the ranks within Network 10 to be an engineering supervisor.


  • 1982       Began apprenticeship as an Electronics technician at Berny’s Radio & Electrical
  • 1985       Completed apprenticeship
  • 1988       Travelled extensively around Australia
  • 1989       Re-joined Berny’s as service manager
  • 1990       Joined BRE Communications as a service technician, servicing professional/industrial electronics
  • 1992       Began programming AMX control systems
  • 1994       Completed advanced certificate in electronics and communications
  • 2000       Started my own business ‘Mush Programs’
  • 2000       Worked in the USA
  • 2001       Travelled extensively around Europe
  • 2002       Joined Network Ten engineering as a junior B level technician
  • 2004       Promoted to A level technician
  • 2005       Promoted to senior A technician
  • 2007       Promoted to engineering supervisor
  • 2008       Joined AT Controls
Vivien Showyin

Vivien was involved in theatre and performing arts for a number of years prior to joining AT Controls, and her knowledge has cemented her as our principal Graphical User Interface designer and programmer. She has been an integral member of the team since its early origins. Over the years Vivien has contributed to the company in many different facets, from onsite commissioning, project management and administrative duties. Her graphics background allows for unique backgrounds that were not designed by engineer and programmers which provides a more stylistic result. She has provided the flair to our product that customers continue to enjoy today.


  • Background in Theatre/ Performing arts (technician)
  • Have been with AT Controls since its early beginnings
  • Number of roles over the years including Touch Panel design and graphics developmnent, Onsite commissioning, project managing and admin.
Arienne Carter
  • Background in Office management and sales
  • Has been with ATC since 2009


Roles include maintaining office services by organising office procedures and maintaining company’s financial records, such as, managing payroll, tax, superannuation and employee administration, accounts payable and receivable, sales, purchasing and logistics, customer service, correspondence and informing others, filing systems for compliance of records, financial reporting, budgeting expenses, cash flow control, debt collecting, liaise with ATO and other regulatory bodies as required to meet deadlines, preparation of tax and BAS statements.

Mark Newland

Mark has had a couple of stints at AT Controls; originally between 2006 and 2008, and re-joining the fold in 2012 till the present.

Previously, Mark has worked in theatre behind-the-scenes and as an actor. He’s even won an award for fight choreography!
Other work includes lighting and audio visual at the National Maritime Museum and barman at the opera house.

Mark has filled many roles at ATC including Sales, Administration and Accounts and is currently supporting the team in the following areas:

  • AMX Template code commissioning/troubleshooting
  • Confirming site conditions are ready for programmers
  • Preparing Sound processor files
  • Balancing audio on site
  • Programming Extron control keypads
Mark Joseph

Mark joined AT Controls in July 2008 when the Melbourne branch opened, immediately adding value to the company. Having run his own business from 1993-99 he demonstrates a clear understanding of customer needs and the requirements needed to be fulfilled for overall customer satisfaction. Aside from his knowledge of AVT programming, he has experience in a multitude of products (RTI, Nevo, Zantech, just to name a few). He provides a clear methodology to customers using his understanding of the products to bring a request from idea to reality.


  • 1988 – 1993 – Employee, J & R Professional Cleaners – Carpet & Window Cleaning
  • 1993 – 1999 – Owner/Director, Lemarks Professional Cleaners – Carpet & Window Cleaning
  • 2000 – 2002 – Employee, Invizage Technology – Computer Engineer
  • 2002 – 2008 – Employee, Insight Systems – AV Installer/Control Systems Programmer
  • 2008 – Present – Employee, AT Controls – Programmer/Software Engineer