Why Choose ATC?

Why Choose ATC?

We Are Fully Accredited

ATC programmers have a variety of industry accreditations including AMX, Crestron and Extron certifications. We make it a point that our accreditations are always up to date, to ensure that our skillsets and work practices are current with the latest technologies and methodologies.

Additionally, our staff have expertise and certifications in many other areas, including Biamp, ClearOne and BSS audio DSP programming, Dynalite and CBus lighting control. ATC takes the approach we need to understand every aspect of associated technologies such as networking, and often participate in courses to provide a better knowledge base for every system we need to program.

Our staff are not merely a team of programmers, but are well-rounded AV experts who understand all facets of AV systems design and integration.

ATC does not retain ownership of source code to any system it writes. The source code is made available to the integrator or client (as instructed) upon completion. This means you are not locked in to using us for system updates or changes.

In some instances, we do license modules to protect them from unauthorised use; however this does not prevent modification and updates to any system by any programmer. ATC uses a GIT code repository system for all code we write. We provide a service that can give the integrator, or even end client, full access to all code of their respective systems. This provides comfort in having the ability to recover from any “disaster” or simply have another programmer make changes as desired.


You own the Source Code

We prefer our clients to use us by choice, not because they have to

ATC Code Ownership and Storage Management Policy

We are Standards Compliant

Here at ATC we take painstaking efforts to ensure all our code is compliant with standards that are available in the respective code system. We wholeheartedly believe in standards and are passionate about using them. We have developed our own internal coding methods and documentations, meaning clear, understandable code that translates to predictable, dependable systems.

We carry standards that go above and beyond the expected standard

While we take pride in the fact we have over 100 years experience between us in control system programming, our experience is not limited to standard meeting rooms (although we do those too).

Our vast portfolio include hospital simulation centres, configurable University systems comprising hundreds of centrally managed teaching spaces, time-cued content management systems, multi-floor waiter call systems, smart home systems controlling all facets of the house (lighting and blinds, AV, security, etc), museum exhibit management systems, and production studio management systems

Our Experience Is Diverse

Have a unique project? Chances are we’ve done it before and can ensure the best possible outcome for you

We Understand Users

Our years of interaction with end users has given us a unique insight into what users want and what they think they want (but don’t really). If a user needs a manual on how to use our systems – we have failed in our job. All our systems are designed with the most common user-oriented features built-in as standard, such as system auto-shutdown.

Additionally, we have graphically-trained non-technical staff who design our user interfaces, ensuring our systems are always functional and user-friendly.

ATC provides comprehensive technical administrative pages with all our systems, giving integrators an extremely powerful diagnostics tool to maintain and service devices and systems down the track

ATC follows a set process for all our works. We provide clients with updates throughout the process to ensure a common understanding of requirements, outcomes and expectations.

We are Process Driven

We dislike nasty surprises as much as you. Our process-driven approach ensures that it never happens

We are a Team

Being a tightly integrated team gives us and our clients many unique advantages. We have capacity to assign multiple programmers to a job, thus are in a unique position to complete large projects within short timeframes, with no sacrifice to system quality or code consistency. The chance of one of our team members being available to field an urgent service call is much greater, even while the company is in the throes of a large project.

All our programmers are fully capable and equipped to take over a job where another has left off, meaning the software or service we provide you is always supported, even when our staff take leave. Being a team, our repository of programming knowledge is much greater than the average one-man-band, as is our support network.

Our experienced, committed and diverse team means better outcomes for you… faster!